Program Benefits


You will have an advisory board (mentors), generally consisting of two members, plus input from others with specific experience when available:

  • Your primary mentor will be a successful business professional, often with experience directly applicable to your business.
  • You often will be joined by a graduate student, or one on a degree track that “fits” your business, as an advisor and “gatekeeper” with access within the university to various schools or disciplines to assist you. (For example, accounting, law, entrepreneurship, advertising & graphic arts, urban studies, computer science, etc.)
  • Additionally:
    • HNB entrepreneurs will be invited by the university to attend education sessions and hear speakers at no charge.
    • Occasionally asked to speak with people considering applying for our HNB program.
    • Occasionally attend a meeting with other HNB entrepreneurs to look for ways to save on purchases and share ideas.

Your advisory board (mentors) and others on the HNB team will, when needed, assist you with:

  • Development of (change) your business plans
  • City licenses and permits
  • Purchasing a discounted, reconditioned computer, plus Quickbooks and
    Point of Sales programs if appropriate for your business
  • Loan documents and help in your search for a “favorable” lender
  • Grant applications if any are discovered
  • First year accounting oversight from local firm or retired accountant, plus possible continuing discounted accounting services
  • Limited law services through the universities law clinic or local attorneys
  • General pre-opening items, when needed, to include;
    • Store interior design and lay-out
    • Contractor selection, to include recommendations for plumbers, Heat and AC contractors, electricians, etc.
    • Furniture and fixture sources
    • Finding most favorable insurance
    • Review and recommendations for alarm monitoring, phone system contracts and other similar expense items

In addition, the following two items may apply:

  • When funds are available, the mentor team and entrepreneur may present requests for cash grants on the basis that the business shares equally in the cost. The HNB program leadership will evaluate each request based on merit, frequency of requests and other factors.
  • Some program entrepreneurs will operate within a HNB Designated Center* which will entitle them to some or all of the following benefits:
    • Property Owner provided rent discounts for participants actively participating in the HNB program
    • Financial support for pre occupancy tenant finish cost
    • Allowance for tenant sponsored special holiday or seasonal events
    • No charge security system

* Applicable when a property owner has agreed to support the HNB program by becoming a Designated Center for entrepreneurs who enter and remain satisfactorily active participants in the program.

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