Program Eligibility


After reading this information we believe you will be interested enough to talk with us about operating your business in a neighborhood served by a Habitat for Neighborhood Business® (HNB) program.

By working together, HNB can help you fulfill your dream to own and operate a successful, growing business. Because we will be making an investment of mentoring, networking and other support services for your business, there are certain things you will be asked to do prior to joining our program.

The Evaluation Process

You will most likely have an interview, generally by phone, with an HNB team member who will discuss the following with you:

  • Have you done sufficient research on your business’ product or service, the market and customers preferences to determine many of the keys to success?
  • Do you have enough initial cash to give you time to succeed, or to allow you to qualify for a loan if needed?
  • Are you willing to take an on-line Small Business Development Center (SBDC) business readiness evaluation?
  • You and our team member will confirm that your business is likely to succeed in a neighborhood serviced by and suitable for the mission of the HNB University operating the program.

If you and the HNB team member are positive after your initial conversation and your SBDC evaluation is satisfactory, you will be encouraged to meet to discuss the program in greater detail. (For a list of program benefits, see Overview.)

This personal meeting should quickly clarify the benefits of the program and explain what you may expect from HNB and what will be expect from you. Assuming this is satisfactory the following will occur:

  • You will be asked to complete a program application and credit statement and give written permission to access and evaluate your personal background records and credit information.
  • The HNB team member and you will agree on the process for completing the business plan for your new or expanding businesses and together you will agree on a timetable for completion of the process.

Generally if the information on the application, credit and background are all acceptable, you will be conditionally accepted into the HNB program.

If at any time it is determined by you or HNB that there is not a match between you and our program but you wish to continue to pursue your business idea, you will likely be referred to a representative of the Small Business Development Center.

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