Our Consulting Team oversees operation of the program, to include:

  • Collaboration with other organizations who help us achieve our mission
  • Community outreach and informational meetings to inform prospective entrepreneurs

    • what to expect when starting or expanding a business,
    • services available through a HNB program and, when available.
    • the advantages of operating in a HNB Designated Center**
  • For those we believe not ready to join our program we offer alternative suggestions,
    including in many insistences the Small Business Development and Technology
  • For those successfully entering the program we establish or provide:
    • a two or three-person advisory board, including a university Graduate student when available
    • access to industry specific mentor support when available
    • discounted or pro bono accounting and legal services, which often includes Accounting and Law Clinic students
    • professional, pro bono assistance with web design and server hosting
    • special access to reconditioned, discounted computer equipment and business specific software
    • assistance with point-of-sale training, banking arrangements, credit card acceptance, etc.
    • our Realty Advisors Team often can help with:
      • Realty Advisors Team often can help with:  lease negotiations and renewals
      • discounted or pro bono store design, interior finish and selection
      • vetting of contractors
      • suggestions for insurance broker/agent

In addition, the entrepreneur and mentor team have access to HNB Grants, Business Plan or Capstone opportunities and possible access to a preferential lending program.

**Some entrepreneurs will operate within a HNB Designated Center which will entitle them to some or all of the following additional benefits:

  • Property Owner provided rent discounts for satisfactorily participating in the HNB program
  • Financial support for pre occupancy tenant finish cost
  • Tenant sponsored special holiday or seasonal center events
  • No charge security system

*Also operating as Habitat for Business®

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