Emerson concentrates on the most complex and profound challenges facing the world in the process, industrial, commercial and residential markets.

100 black men hnb affiliate

Providing outreach meeting space and access to membership as mentors.

csi leasing hnb affiliate

Providing reconditioned computers and related software at significant discounts through Bob Steinback at EPC, Inc.

enterprise holdings hnb affiliate

Significant financial supporters.

gershman hnb affiliate

Providing pro bono real estate support for entrepreneurs, developers, governments and others within HNB service areas.

greensfelder hnb affiliate

Providing pro bono general council and other legal services through Chief Diversity Officer Chris Pickett.

icon agility services habitat for neighborhood business supporter

Providing entrepreneurs pro bono web strategy, design, and hosting services.

justine petersen hnb affiliate

A community organization that provides our program meeting space for outreach events as well as providing public awareness of our program and its benefits.

lewis rice hnb affiliate

Providing pro bono trademark council through attorney John Greenberg.

missouri small business & technology development centers hnb affiliate

Providing evaluation service used in qualifying HNB prospects, plus business training classes and assistance with business plans for program participants.

philip h barron realty hnb affiliate

Philip H. Barron Realty provides discounted management services for HNB real estate and pro bono support for entrepreneurs’ real estate matters.

rubin brown hnb affiliate

Providing pro bono investment counseling.

The Clix Group is a St. Louis digital marketing agency providing website design and support.

Tell your unique story with Video + Photography in a way that energizes your Brand.

The Pettus Foundation

Guy B. Jaffe and Judy Schwartz Jaffe Charitable Foundation of the St. Louis Community Foundation
Commerce Bank

Additional Supporters (Equally important but too many to list)

  • Many volunteers within the university administration, students and faculty and active and retired business executives who provide their practical experience for entrepreneurs
  • Many neighborhood lay, religious, and political leaders who routinely validate and support the program

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